Trans International Airlines

Expect the Unexpected

Posted on March 28, 2016 by CAROLEJEAN’SCAPERS@WORDPRESS.COM3 Comments As we landed in Puerto Vallarta, I looked out the window and saw the swaying palm trees. My heart soared! Swaying palm trees equals hot, sultry weather, right? Not always, as it turned out. There were seven of us traveling together on […]

I Was a Bunny For a Day – a Playboy Bunny That Is! 9

  It’s the day after Easter, and my craving for a See’s Bunny from California has passed. Oh, those milk chocolate, creamy, solid ears make my mouth water. I grabbed a fistful of Ghirarrdeli Semi-sweet chocolate chips out of my fridge, through my head back, and tossed them in. Even […]

Ghirardelli Chocolate chips

Drugs in Costa Rica? Nigeria? Saudi Arabia? 15

Marijuana is illegal in Costa Rica. It’s illegal, but decriminalized. So … smoke ’em if you got ’em. You probably won’t get into trouble if you have some pot for personal use. I don’t, but I don’t care if you do! I found a fabulous video done by the guys […]