Reset, Recharge, Rejoice!

Posted on December 31, 2015 by CAROLEJEAN’SCAPERS@WORDPRESS.COMLeave a comment Look where the shoes took me! I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet. (Author unknown or Old Persian Proverb – whichever you prefer.) It’s been quite the year. My life imploded, crashing in on my […]


Which Shoes Should I Wear Today?

Posted on July 12, 2015 by CAROLEJEAN’SCAPERS@WORDPRESS.COMLeave a comment       “My momma always said there’s an awful lot you can tell about a person by his shoes. Where they go. Where they been,” said Forrest Gump. Can you believe that was over twenty years ago? The words still hold […]

Top Nine Types of Shoes for Living as an Expat in Costa Rica 2

Shoes! I’m all about the shoes. It started with Bonnie in Brooklyn. We were best friends growing up in the projects in the 1950s. Post WWII, our families were struggling to build foundations for new starts. Money was scarce; our parents worked hard, yet, we were given weekly allowances, which […]