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Seamstress Costa Rica Style 18

  Living in the quaint town of Atenas, where the entertainment choices are limited, I occasionally crave a visit to the “City”! Going to San Jose isn’t exactly like going to San Francisco from my home in Santa Cruz, California, or going into Manhattan from my home in Canarsie, Brooklyn, […]

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Loaded Brownies – Part 3 18

This is the conclusion of “Loaded Brownies”. If you missed parts 1 and 2, the links are below. This is a TIA (Trans International Airlines) story of a Hadj adventure  (flying Muslim pilgrims to Mecca) which took place in 1976. John was our British ground representative stationed in […]

Loaded Brownies – Part 2 6

 On my first flight out of Kano, after boarding 485 passengers, the cabin crew positioned to perform the required FAA required seatbelt and oxygen mask demonstration prior to take-off. Our head stew announced that individual instruction would be provided for use of the toilet facilities. This was only understood by us […]