Off Broadway Club

New Barker in the Neighborhood – Part 5 6

Start with Part 1: Leap before you look! I did it again. Langley Porter? I was pretty sure that was the psychiatric division of the UCSF (University of California, San Francisco) right down the street on Parnassus. The card said Paul Back had an appointment at 3:30 that day. This […]

Condor-Big Al's

Carol Doda

New Barker in the Neighborhood – Part 4 8

It was a clean show. Really, it was. After a while, you forget about being topless. When I first started in the show, I would “hide” behind a screen to get into costume. With the quick changes between numbers, that become impractical; no, impossible. So, forget the screen, just change […]

New Barker in the Neighborhood – Part 2 7

If you missed part 1 see   I reported for my first shift at the Off  Broadway Club at precisely 5:00 as instructed. I wore my sneakers, and carried my high heels, in case I had to bolt. Bronco, the combo manager and barker, was there to greet me with a big […]

Condor-Big Al's

Condor-Big Al's

New Barker in the Neighborhood 17

I had a visitor the other day. As soon as we sat down on the patio to enjoy a peaceful visit, she said: “Oh, there’s a new barker in the neighborhood!” Where I live in Atenas, Costa Rica, the rolling hills create an acoustic phenomenon much like that of the […]