New York

Heard it on the Radio! 14

As I was puttering about my kitchen this morning, a soothing voice on the radio grabbed my attention. I put the teapot down, turned up the volume, and was transported to my college dorm room in Cortland, New York, 1964. A poster on the wall was placed at the foot […]


Lobster? It’s a Steak House! 11

Suddenly there’s steak in Atenas. It’s uncanny how these things sprout. There were no steak-houses and then there were three. We had heard good things about all of them from a variety of sources. When I got the call from Isa suggesting we get together with friends on a Saturday to […]

Carnes y Tintos

Skating With Rich Kids 19

  Her eyes were riveted to the furry pink pom-poms attached to the pair of gleaming white skates casually draped over the shoulder of the pretty blonde girl. She was shivering in line dressed in her shabby hand-me-downs. A dreamy smile played upon her lips as she imagined herself wearing a white […]