Costa Rica

Flamingo’s Fixin’ to Fly!

Flamingo is a chameleon! I first got her in Miami at the “Pink Palm” gift shop. She was a shining beauty, but not cheap. I promised myself I would buy her as a reward after my next real estate sale when I worked for Majestic Properties in South Beach. All the closings […]

Do We Still Need the Post Office?

  The good folks of Green Valley Lake say, “Yes!” As a recent visitor to Green Valley Lake, and soon-to-be temporary resident, I couldn’t agree more. I had gone through a lot of trouble to carefully package some books. These were important packages to me and to the people waiting […]


Leavin’ on a Jet Plane… Maybe! 3

I was packed and ready to fly. I had spent days preparing for the airline reunion in Atlanta – a gathering of “Stewardesses of the 1960’s and 70’s.” Yes, there is such a group! In fact we have over 7,000 members! Nancy Duke, the organizer of this “first annual,” had […]



Marriage – I Finally Got it Right! 14

Well, okay – not me, but my beautiful daughter, Chelsea, did! I couldn’t be happier. She married a true Prince. He is not only charming, but handsome, capable, loving, tender and tough. He’s got it all. Plus, he loves his mother-in-law! And his dogs. You can tell a lot about […]

If it Were Easy, Anybody Could Do It … 21

And we’re not just anybody!  As a newly self-published author, I have a heightened respect for anybody who ventures into such a project. It takes a village! I would have been lost without my village. At times, it was the blind leading the blind, but we did it! And had fun along […]

Nosara Art Show

We Did it On the Road! 6

        Yep, we took it on the road! The Jocelyn Farquhar Art Show in Atenas was so successful, we decided others should have the opportunity to enjoy this unique artist’s work.     We were fortunate to hold the show at El Sueño de Mariana in […]


Is the Child Still Wild Without the Feathers? 20

This is my signature wine glass. It was given to me by my generous and thoughtful friend, Lynn. I had admired her collection of bling wine glasses including the stunning “Mermaid” glass. We both loved that one so much we’ve been known to get into a tug-of-war over who gets it. […]