I’m Rich! There’s Candy on the Table

Posted on August 7, 2015 by CAROLEJEAN’SCAPERS@WORDPRESS.COMLeave a comment I was a little girl living in the projects in Brooklyn, New York. Mom worked two jobs, and  I was the oldest of three. I still hear Mom’s voice in my head, “Carole Jean, you’re the oldest, so you’re in charge!” […]

Baked Lasagne

I’m Not Leaving Without My Lasagne!

The Animales Atenas Group puts on a fundraiser called, “Table for Two.” The concept is designed to be a win-win for all concerned. The generous “Chefs” donate their specialty dinner which is raffled off to the attendees of the event which was held at the beautiful mini resort, Poco Ciela […]


How High is Your Mezuzah? 10

“Mom, are we Jewish?” asked the little Brooklyn girl. “Only on Jewish holidays when we go to Grandma’s house.” I clearly remember that conversation with my mom when I was seven years old. My best friend, Kathy, asked me if I wanted to go to Sunday School with her at the Dutch […]

There’s Dirt on My Cilantro …

… and my eggs are uneven! What are those white fuzzy things on that large egg with the speckles? Oh, chicken feathers. Yes, the eggs came from real, live chickens. The cilantro came out of the earth. These are the small things that remind us of how life really works. Like many of us […]