You Unfriended ME??? 21

Before I became a blogger, I unfriended 100 of my Facebook “friends”. Why? Because they were people I barely knew. They barely knew me. I wasn’t mad at them; I just didn’t think they cared about what I was doing, and I didn’t think I cared about what they were doing. I […]

Carole Jean Connolly-Shaw

Blah, Blah, Blog! Why Do I Do It? 18

I’m a blogger. I like being a blogger. Somebody asked me: “What is a blog, anyway?” I didn’t know how to answer. I looked it up: Web Log. Ah ha! That’s what it is, a truncation of web log. Blogs take as many forms as there are bloggers. Some are selling goods or […]

New Kid Gets the Gold! 6

A HUGE heartfelt thanks to all of you who voted for me and posted comments! Some were hysterical, some were tender, all were much appreciated. Some did not make it to publication for a variety of reasons. Please send them to me at . I plan to post a […]

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