Do Not Tell Me It Can’t Be Done! 18

I share this sentiment with FDR … In the movie, Pearl Harbor, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt defies the impossible by rising from his wheelchair on polio shriveled legs and holds himself up to make a point to his advisers who seem to have lost faith in the United States succeeding […]

Carole Connolly Author, Living Life To The Fullest!


Heard it on the Radio! 14

As I was puttering about my kitchen this morning, a soothing voice on the radio grabbed my attention. I put the teapot down, turned up the volume, and was transported to my college dorm room in Cortland, New York, 1964. A poster on the wall was placed at the foot […]

Gasp! I Forgot the Turkey! 15

I live in Atenas, Costa Rica, chosen for the convenient location close to the airport, shopping and services. From my door, I can be in PriceSmart (similar to Costco) in twenty minutes. My family lives in Nosara on the Nicoya Peninsula, overlooking a beautiful beach, Playa Guiones on the Pacific […]

Butterball Turkey

Friends are Chosen Family 10

As I looked around the dinner table last night, I breathed in the moment; I felt happy and blessed. We were a table of six, with our hosts, who prepared the feast as a raffle prize, joining us at the end which rounded us out to eight friends enjoying food, […]

Mural at Casita del Cafe

Cavorting at La Casita del Café 12

As I stood on the corner in downtown Atenas, Costa Rica, waiting for my friend, Jan, I mentally tapped my toe on the sidewalk. I don’t have time for this, I thought. I mean, really, can’t we just go to breakfast here in town? I have a million things to do; important things […]

It’s Official – “It’s the Parsley!” 24

Today was a big day for me. I sold the very first copy of my book, “It’s the Parsley!” I brought the prototype to the Wednesday Women gathering at Kay’s Gringo Postres in Atenas, Costa Rica to show my friends what I had been working on for months. When my […]


Poco Cielo

Divine “Staycation” in Atenas 26

What, you ask, is a staycation?! Why, it’s a vacation you take in your very own town. Technically, you stay in your own home, so I’m stretching the definition. Due to my husband’s grueling work schedule, we endure long periods of separation. Reunions often are dedicated to getting domestic situations […]