If it Were Easy, Anybody Could Do It … 21

And we’re not just anybody!  As a newly self-published author, I have a heightened respect for anybody who ventures into such a project. It takes a village! I would have been lost without my village. At times, it was the blind leading the blind, but we did it! And had fun along […]

Loaded Brownies – Part 3 18

This is the conclusion of “Loaded Brownies”. If you missed parts 1 and 2, the links are below. This is a TIA (Trans International Airlines) story of a Hadj adventure  (flying Muslim pilgrims to Mecca) which took place in 1976. John was our British ground representative stationed in […]

Breast Cancer at Thirty-six 25

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October), this boomer-girl tells the story of her shocking diagnosis thirty years ago. I called out from the shower: “Hey, John, my boob just deflated. You still wanna marry me? I heard a faint: “What are you talking about?” I cupped my right breast, bounced […]