Lobster? It’s a Steak House! 11

Suddenly there’s steak in Atenas. It’s uncanny how these things sprout. There were no steak-houses and then there were three. We had heard good things about all of them from a variety of sources. When I got the call from Isa suggesting we get together with friends on a Saturday to […]

Carnes y Tintos

Plum Pudding – What is it, anyway? 15

“We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas … for the last 35 years, it has been a family tradition to march into a darkened room singing this song while carrying a flaming platter of plum pudding.  Although we are not British, I adopted it some years […]

There’s Dirt on My Cilantro …

… and my eggs are uneven! What are those white fuzzy things on that large egg with the speckles? Oh, chicken feathers. Yes, the eggs came from real, live chickens. The cilantro came out of the earth. These are the small things that remind us of how life really works. Like many of us […]

Clandestino Pizza 14

My friend, Emily, and I were walking through her new barrio (neighborhood) the other day and she said: “I heard there was a clandestino somewhere around here.” “A what? Clandestino? Like Manu Chao sings, ‘Clandestino’? I always wondered what that meant in his song. Maybe that’s it, a hidden bar where […]