Where Are the Anchovies?

Posted on December 30, 2015 by CAROLEJEAN’SCAPERS@WORDPRESS.COM2 Comments Where are the anchovies? Christmas Eve we decided to make it a lobster feast. My son, Tyler, and his wife, Colette, live in an eclectic neighborhood in San Francisco’s Inner Sunset. There are several Chinese markets where fresh fish are still swimming […]

Baked Lasagne

I’m Not Leaving Without My Lasagne!

The Animales Atenas Group puts on a fundraiser called, “Table for Two.” The concept is designed to be a win-win for all concerned. The generous “Chefs” donate their specialty dinner which is raffled off to the attendees of the event which was held at the beautiful mini resort, Poco Ciela […]

Friends are Chosen Family 10

As I looked around the dinner table last night, I breathed in the moment; I felt happy and blessed. We were a table of six, with our hosts, who prepared the feast as a raffle prize, joining us at the end which rounded us out to eight friends enjoying food, […]

It Coulda Been Worse! 26

I miss artichokes; extra-large plump artichokes. Living in Costa Rica, I was thrilled to find artichokes occasionally gracing the shelves of my local market. They are lovely served with garlic lemon butter which I prefer over the popular mayonnaise dip. They are especially nice stuffed Italian style. But nothing compares […]

It’s Official – “It’s the Parsley!” 24

Today was a big day for me. I sold the very first copy of my book, “It’s the Parsley!” I brought the prototype to the Wednesday Women gathering at Kay’s Gringo Postres in Atenas, Costa Rica to show my friends what I had been working on for months. When my […]


Villa Daveena

Bon Appétit in the Jungle 16

  While visiting my family in Nosara, my folks invited me along on an outing that had been planned by a group of expat friends. It was to be a gourmet lunch in Playa Negra, a sleepy beach town on the Guanacaste Peninsula. Ha! I had been to Playa Negra; it […]

Paella Ingredient Challenge 8

Paella is a regional dish my husband, Don, learned to make in Spain years ago when he was in the business of buying and selling horses that took him all over the world. He made the acquaintance of the beautiful, enchanting “Sangria Lady” and the wizened paella chef touting their wares on the […]

It’s the Schmaltz! 17

The secret is in the schmaltz; schmaltz, size, and minimal handling; that’s what makes a good matzoh ball! Grandma Gussie (her real name was Basha Golda or Gladys; nobody really knows, but everybody called her Gussie) made the golf ball type. I don’t think it was intentional, but somehow Aunt […]