Chili Charity Cook-Off

Chili Come-Back! 14

This is the year after the Great Chili Disaster. Last year I just knew I had the winning chili. I had spent two days chopping, sautéing, seasoning, and perfecting the biggest batch I could fit into the huge (and heavy) chicharrone pot. It was filled to the brim and made an […]

Chili CookOff

Our Chili Flopped! But We’re Still on Top! 30

Bigger isn’t always better. This was certainly the case for Roca Caliente at the annual Atenas Charity Chili Cook-Off 2014! It’s true; our chili flopped, but we’re still on top. Time to hang up the pot? We decided to make six gallons this year. Last year we had five and […]

How Big Are YOUR Maracas? 17

We were new to Atenas a couple of years ago, when I sat down with Mary and Bill Cook to discuss a car purchase. My hubby, Don, was out of town on a business trip, and had asked me to deliver the cash and get the process started. In the course of […]