Boomer Memoir

New Barker in the Neighborhood – Part 4 8

It was a clean show. Really, it was. After a while, you forget about being topless. When I first started in the show, I would “hide” behind a screen to get into costume. With the quick changes between numbers, that become impractical; no, impossible. So, forget the screen, just change […]

Carol Doda

New Barker in the Neighborhood – Part 3 5

Link to part 1: Link to part 2:  Bimbo’s? We were going to a place called Bimbo’s? Probably a bunch of bimbos in there is why it’s called that. I was part of Eddie, the choreographer’s, entourage. We arrived in a black stretch limo, which picked us up at the […]

Condor-Big Al's

New Barker in the Neighborhood – Part 2 7

If you missed part 1 see   I reported for my first shift at the Off  Broadway Club at precisely 5:00 as instructed. I wore my sneakers, and carried my high heels, in case I had to bolt. Bronco, the combo manager and barker, was there to greet me with a big […]

New Barker in the Neighborhood 17

I had a visitor the other day. As soon as we sat down on the patio to enjoy a peaceful visit, she said: “Oh, there’s a new barker in the neighborhood!” Where I live in Atenas, Costa Rica, the rolling hills create an acoustic phenomenon much like that of the […]

Condor-Big Al's

Ghirardelli Chocolate chips

I Was a Bunny For a Day – a Playboy Bunny That Is! 9

  It’s the day after Easter, and my craving for a See’s Bunny from California has passed. Oh, those milk chocolate, creamy, solid ears make my mouth water. I grabbed a fistful of Ghirarrdeli Semi-sweet chocolate chips out of my fridge, through my head back, and tossed them in. Even […]

How High is Your Mezuzah? 10

“Mom, are we Jewish?” asked the little Brooklyn girl. “Only on Jewish holidays when we go to Grandma’s house.” I clearly remember that conversation with my mom when I was seven years old. My best friend, Kathy, asked me if I wanted to go to Sunday School with her at the Dutch […]


Carole Jean Connolly-Shaw

Blah, Blah, Blog! Why Do I Do It? 18

I’m a blogger. I like being a blogger. Somebody asked me: “What is a blog, anyway?” I didn’t know how to answer. I looked it up: Web Log. Ah ha! That’s what it is, a truncation of web log. Blogs take as many forms as there are bloggers. Some are selling goods or […]

Loaded Brownies – Part 3 18

This is the conclusion of “Loaded Brownies”. If you missed parts 1 and 2, the links are below. This is a TIA (Trans International Airlines) story of a Hadj adventure  (flying Muslim pilgrims to Mecca) which took place in 1976. John was our British ground representative stationed in […]