About Me

Saddle Barstools at Poco Cielo Bar

Saddle Barstools at Poco Cielo Bar

Carole was born and raised in Brooklyn , New York, post WW II. She lived in a Canarsie housing project, where the melting pot consisted of mostly Jewish, Italian, Irish, Puerto Rican, and African American families. The early influence of multicultural living combined with the adventurous, optimistic attitude of her mother spring-boarded her into a life of exploration and adventure.

She was the first in her family to attend college, graduating with a degree in physical education. On graduating, she answered an ad in the Village Voice: “Mod Disco opening in USVI. Need crew.” After a brief interview conducted in a Manhattan apartment, she was hired and told to expect to start in two months as the club was still under construction. She would be notified by mail at which point Carole said: “By the way, what does the USVI stand for?” The owner’s eyebrows shot up, he smiled and said: “United States Virgin Islands.”

It’s been like that ever since; leap now, look later. Mostly, it has been a blast, this “by-the-seat-of-her-pants” lifestyle. Carole continues to live a fun, jam-packed life, in addition to having raised two magnificent children, both graduates of Ivy League colleges.

She worked as an International Flight Attendant for Trans International Charters, which took her all over the world. While flying for TIA she took up sky-diving, carried her parachute in her luggage, and made jumps on layovers in Hawaii, Hong Kong, Alaska, and anywhere else there was a willing Cessna pilot who would let her out of a perfectly good airplane.

B.C. (before children) Carole lived in San Francisco where she worked at the Marina Health Spa by day and danced in the Carol Doda show in North Beach by night. She waited tables at the Hyatt’s Equinox revolving restaurant, did some modeling at trade shows, and taught beginning Salsa.

Wanting to be the best mom she could, Carole, by then a single mother, needed a job with a flexible schedule so she could participate in the kids’ lives. Real estate agent seemed a good choice even with nights and weekends being prime work hours; she never missed a game or performance of either kid, worked as a volunteer room mother, Spanish teacher,and a care-giver for elders.

After the kids were launched she moved to Miami, well, South Beach, selling real estate, burned out, then moved to the Virgin islands, her old stomping grounds, and got a job as a chef on a charter catamaran frequenting the British Virgins, Jost Van Dyke being her favorite. Ever been to the Soggy Dollar? Or Setty’s One Love Bar? Look for the stories!

She is currently living as an Ex-Pat in Costa Rica writing a book, “Flying High with Carole Jean,” a memoir about her airline days due out early May 2015. The kids are grown, the cat’s out of bag, and the stories must be told!