Furniture Bargains – or Are They?

The "Had-to-have-it" red kitchen cart

Wooden dowel extension

Doris will be my go-to girl from now on – she has tools. And she knows how to use them.

For the rest of my weekend bargains there was no assembly required! Thanks be to the furniture gods … I couldn’t deal with any more parts.

I got a small two-drawer chest at Grey Bears’ half-price sale:

White stool waiting to be painted red. $7.50

White chest

Plus a stool for the kitchen cart. Can’t wait to paint it red! Half off – $7.50

And the final weekend purchase: the Pottery Barn Wallboard with chalk-board, mirror, bulletin board. Can’t tell you the price… I paid too much. But. I wanted it.

If a friendship can survive the joint endeavor of putting together an IKEA piece, or in the case of the red kitchen cart, a Wayfair piece, then the price may not be too high. If you come to blows during the process, the price may be too high. If your spouse threatens divorce over it, the price is too high. I think I better invite Billy over for a home-cooked meal soon!

Pottery Barn Wallboard


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