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Toby to the Rescue!

Today I present my first children’s book, “Toby to the Rescue!” This isn’t really MY  book – it took a village. The collective energies of many are incorporated into the work, starting with the animal rescue people who found an abused, nearly dead puppy all the way to the generous printer in San Pedro, Costa Rica, who cut the cost to the bone and donated posters. Everybody gave from the goodness of their hearts to make this happen.

This tale is about what we all want: love and connection. It is a demonstration of one of the most fundamental principals of life; you get what you ask for, but first you must ask. The answer to your prayer may not come immediately and it may not come in the form you expect, but if you keep the faith, continue to see the positive side of every situation, good things happen. There are angels among us – and sometimes they are not pretty with silver wings.

My favorite line in the book is: “I love my dog, Toby, and Toby loves me,” (Amo a mi perro, Toby, y Toby me ama.) Oh yeah, it’s in English and Spanish. The idea is to bridge the gringo and tico communities in the education of the treatment of animals. Through the efforts of dedicated animal lovers, such as Animales Atenas, and SASY (Stop Animal Abuse, Yes!) out of Escazu, we are seeing huge improvements in the treatment of animals in Costa Rica.

Today at Casa Wegner, 4:00 p.m. is where it is happening. Come join us. If you can’t make it and want your copy of “Toby to the Rescue” let me know and I will reserve it. Sold only in Costa Rica (3,000 colones) or by special arrangement to the U.S. and Canada. Proceeds from the book will be donated to Animales Atenas.

A huge heartfelt thanks to all of you who helped make this happen! I thank you, and Toby thanks you! Socrates, the puppy whose life was saved, (read the book) says “Arf, arf!” (Guau, guau!) and Happy Holidays.

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