Which Hat Will You Wear Today? 6

If the Flamingo could talk!

New Chili Cook-Off Hat!

Tired Old Cowgirl Hat

Tired Old Cowgirl Hat

Are you a “One Hatter?” Or maybe just a MAD hatter? Like most of us I wear many hats!

Today I will wear the Chili Cooking Hat (bandana), not to be confused with the Chili Cook-Off Hat! Today I cook, tomorrow I show off!

I have lots of hat stories and I don’t consider myself a “Hat” person. I leave that to Maria at “The Hat Company” in Santa Cruz, California. She’s got cool hats and more. Stop in if you’re in the neighborhood. Say hola for me.

Oh but wait. What about the “Pink Cowgirl Hat” from the Caribbean? Now there’s a story for another day. Some of you know what I’m talking about.

For now it’s back to the kitchen! Last year’s hat collapsed after the “Girls’ Weekend” at El Sueno de Mariana in Nosara.

Speaking of neighborhoods, stop by Quinta Romavista in Barrio Mercedes, Atenas, Costa Rica for the chili Cook-Off tomorrow, Sunday February 9th. We will be the ones with NO beans. The original Chili people in Terlingua Texas, say: “If you know beans about Chili, you know that Chili has no beans”.

Of course, they are in Texas, and we are in Costa Rica. Where there ARE beans.

Don and I are working hard to give you an example of Texas chili, Terlingua style.

Don and Carole stirring the pots!

Don and Carole stirring the pots!

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